Like email for conversations

You can record your conversations, store them all online, search them for information and share the ones that you want to.

With Calltrunk you’ll transform the way you think about conversations: suddenly the spoken word is no longer something that vanishes. Now it’s a saveable, searchable information asset.

It's about you

At the center of this new approach to the spoken word is you – or your business – and the way you do things. Which means two things: Anyphone - Anywhere.

What you’ll notice is that every other solution is about the device that you use.

With Calltrunk you can make a call using any phone and no matter how you make the call you own the recordings in a single secure account in the “cloud”.

That means you can access the recordings from anywhere.

Make a call

Record with any phone - your mobile, your landline, Skype or even say, your hotel phone.

Store in cloud

Your recordings are automatically stored in your secure online “Trunk” and can be accessed from anywhere.

Search & rewind

Search all your recordings in seconds. This phone conversation search technology is called ARGOsearch.

Share and manage

Calltrunk’s growing ecosystem allows you to share and/or make your recordings with Evernote, Box, Dropbox, Sugar CRM, download or order transcriptions.

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Free trial gets you 30 minutes of recording on your regular landline or mobile and 60 minutes of Skype. No credit card required.

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