Calltrunk for Skype

Now you can record your Skype calls

Bringing Calltrunk and Skype together is a winning combination.

Now you can do more than just make Skype calls via the Internet; You can record and store them on the Internet too! And thanks to the wonders of Calltrunk you can store your recordings in the same secure "trunk" that you use to store your mobile and landline calls.

Why would you record your Skype calls? Well, you might need to review details of a key customer negotiation, a copy of an interview, a fun chat with your friends and family, or you might want to record an endless conference call (that you didn't pay attention to at the time).

Current customers: Ask for a free trial of Calltrunk for Skype by emailing with your Calltrunk login and Skype name.

A word of warning: Even though you can see the Calltrunk bot you will be invisible to him until you have subscribed and provided your Skype ID to Calltrunk.

How does it work?

Now you can record your Skype calls

It's simple.

Subscribe, provide your Skype ID, and become "Skype friends" with the Calltrunk robot. In other words the Calltrunk bot will just become one of your contacts.

Now, if you’re having a Skype call with a friend or a colleague – in fact, anyone – and you want to record the call just bring the Calltrunk robot into the conversation.

You can bring the bot into the conversation at anytime. If you bring the bot in half way through the conversation then it will begin recording at that point. It stops recording whenever you hang up on the bot or hang up the call.

All parties on the call will see that the Calltrunk robot has joined the conversation. And the great thing is that you can easily share the recording from the dashboard.

Three steps to get Calltrunk for Skype

Step 1.Subscribe to Calltrunk

Subscribe to a monthly plan that includes Skype recording or sign up for our Skype-only plan for $5 per month. You can ask for a free trial of Calltrunk for Skype by emailing with your Calltrunk login and Skype ID.

Step 2.Provide your Skype ID to the Calltrunk Robot

When you sign up for a plan that includes Skype recording you will be prompted to enter your Skype ID (users asking for a free trial will need to provide their Skype ID by email - see previous step).

Step 3.Become a contact of Calltrunk robot

You will get invite from the Calltrunk robot. All you have to do is accept the invitation. Please note that due to heavy demand it may take up to 8 hours to get an invite at peak times.

If you want to sign up for a account, click here

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