Words of love in Calltrunk's Valentine campaign

London 16 Feb 2012

Calltrunk invited users to say a few words about how they felt call recording, and Calltrunk, could help make their lives better.

"We were interested in learning what people thought. We learn a lot about the uses people need this service for when we invite this feedback," said Paul Murphy, Calltrunk CEO.

Users were invited to make a comment in the two weeks prior to Valentines day. Comments were posted to Calltrunk's Facebook wall and one of the commenters was selected on the last day of the campaign to win a Kindle.

Although Calltrunk is a global call recording solution, this campaign was run just for UK users.

Here's a selection of the comments:

"Call recording is great especially when at work in a busy environment or driving for instance when you don't have a pen and paper handy! Its something that is easy to refer back to so you can keep track of your affairs."

"Arggggghhhh the number of times I have had conversations with service providers and governmental officials that are then denied by the other party are almost limitless. The ability to have audible proof of promises made, advice given or my notification to them of changes in circumstance would be priceless. I have stopped phoning on such occasions because of being contradicted (ie lied to) and have had to resort to letters, which is cumbersome and can still be challenged. This would be such a boon and gives real power to the consumer."

"I'm dyslexic and try to get out of writing things down as often as possible! I also volunteer for a charity so would be interested in learning how we could use this for volunteer co-ordination and virtual meetings.

"its great, you should be the knot in the elephants trunk, saves remembering what i should be doing........."

"I have to admit I have only just heard about Calltrunk - however I like what I see. I think this would be very popular in my home as I have a memory like a sieve and am ALWAYS forgetting important details given to me over the phone ... no more running around like a headless chicken trying to find a pen that actually works and scraps of paper that often get lost."

"For someone who has a memory like a sieve this is brilliant... I am one of these that gets easily distracted and during phone calls my mind wanders and then afterwards I am sat thinking..'blimey what did they say?' Lol or my children are messing around and i don't quite hear all of the conversation so with this I can listen back at my pleasure, in silence... This is the first time I have heard of it but even with a memory like a sieve, I won't be forgetting the name 'Calltrunk' in a hurry. What an amazing thing to come up with. I think it is going to help a lot of people out in the future.. Well done :D"

"Helpful for recording details, remembering dates and times and who your meeting and where. If I've been given ( a recipe for eg,) I can listen a step at a time, and if i haven't heard someone properly I can listen again and again till i get it, lol"

"When you're multi-tasking (and we all do it without thinking nowadays!) or having a conversation on the phone at the same time as sorting a problem at home or work you only take in so much of the conversation. Calltrunk is perfect for this. I must admit their are also days when I have 'brain fog' and doubt my memory and a recording can set my mind at rest about details/arrangements. So Calltrunk is a fab idea. For work purposes it also sometimes very helpful to then use the recordings to transcribe for admin purposes and circulating the info. I like the idea of the recordings being secure too. Big thumbs up!"

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