Calltrunk for Skype is now available world wide!

Record and manage all* your Skype calls for

just $5 per month

Calltrunk is the world's first cloud-based call recording solution for small businesses and consumers. All your recordings are stored in a secure "trunk" on the Internet where they can be stored, reviewed, annotated, transcribed and shared.

* Fair usage policy applies.

Free trial gets you 90 minutes of Skype recording. No credit card required.

What is Calltrunk?

It captures your spoken conversations by automatically recording your phone calls and securely storing them on the web.

You see, we think the spoken word has been left behind in the march of technology. Talking, our most natural form of communicating, has fallen between the cracks. And while everyone now has searchable records of written conversations with companies, traders and suppliers the spoken word allows room for error, uncertainty and dispute.

Our mission is to make the spoken word accountable and verifiable.

And it's simple.

Sign up and you get an online "Trunk" where you can keep all your important phone calls and easily review them anytime, anywhere.

Calltrunk is rolling out across the world.

Our full service allows you to record not just Skype but ALL your mobile and landline calls. We're bringing this to the world, very soon.

In the meantime the full service is only available in the following countries:

If you have a phone number in one of them just click on the flag.
Otherwise please register your interest (right) and we'll let you know when Calltrunk is launching in your country.


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Who uses Calltrunk?

Global Not-For-Profit

"It's everything we need"

Miguel Sosa - Project Manager for African missions Mission Zones

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Capturing Memories

"Wherever I happen to be & whatever phone I happen to have in my hand..."

Cindy Provost - Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force - Boston, MA

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Permanent Record

"I'm going to use it for all my business calls"

Robb Allan - President, Gulfstream Group, Inc. Palm Beach, FL

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Better Interviews

"The sound quality is outstanding"

Sam Greengard -  Author & Freelance Writer West Linn, OR

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All Over The World

1000s of businesses and individuals are signing up to Calltrunk everyday. All over the world.

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