Our Story

Like so many of the best ideas Calltrunk came into being because it was something we realized we personally needed. Both as individuals and as business people, we understood that life would be easier if we had a real record of key conversations. We're the first to say: It's not an original thought. Since we started this mission hundreds, of people have told us they often thought the same thing.

But the difference is that our unique backgrounds enabled us to do something about it.

See, as the people who had created the systems and organizations that run some of the biggest call centers in the world we knew how to do it.

So we did.

Our Story
Our Story

Because we designed the system for humans - not robots - Calltrunk is simple, reliable, and low cost.

We know lots of people will use it in many different ways. And they'll do so to achieve all sorts of things: Peace of mind, accountability, training, double-checking orders...You name it.That's the beauty of the system. You use it how you want. Which is why the usefulness runs the full spectrum from being used as a commercial dispute resolution tool to just re-living happy conversations with your distant relatives.

However you use Calltrunk, we hope it has a positive impact on your conversations.

Meet the Team

Paul Murphy
Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur with 20+ years international technology management experience. His last venture was bought by Adeptra Ltd, the world's leading company in automated calling solutions.

Richard Newton
VP Marketing

Entrepreneur who co-founded a company that provides "marketing excellence" systems to many of the world's largest brands and agencies.

Angela Clarke
Founder & VP Ops

Industry specialist, 10+ years of software operations experience. Responsible for telephony software development projects for 3 of Australia's largest banks.


Chris Daniels

Chris is Managing Director of Technology Executive Group, a New York-based technology consulting and executive search firm. He brings experience of the call recording and analytics industry having previously served as VP, Financial Services Business Unit for NICE Systems, CEO at Nicom Technologies, Inc. and several Vice President positions with Avaya.


Jason Boud
Analytics (UK)

Jason is an IT infrastructure specialist with over 20 years working within large enterprise companies, mainly in the high pressure financial service sector. Jason has a proven track record in IT strategy, sales & delivery and recently founded Beyond Mobile, an advisory and IT consulting business.

Tacis Gavoyannis
Telephony (UK)

Tacis has extensive commercial and technical knowledge of the Telecoms, IT and insight markets, having worked for operators, handset manufacturers, media and analytics/research consultancy companies for over twenty years. He has worked for BT, Cable & Wireless and Motorola Mobile Devices.

David Weseley
Legal (US)

David has been Calltrunk's in-house legal counsel since inception. He is a member of the New York Bar Association.

Steve Gummer
Analytics (UK)

Steve has over twenty years of sales experience in the telecoms and recording sectors. He has worked for Avaya, Ascent Technology, and NICE. At NICE he was responsible for its analytics unit in the UK. Today Steve is responsible for business development across EMEA for VoiceSage.

Chris Joseph
Telephony (UK)

Chris Joseph is currently CTO of QiComm, one of the largest calling card companies in the UK. He has a deep background in telephony engineering and operational management, technical due diligence, network restructuring and VOIP Technologies and Applications.

Greg Stuart
Mobile (US)

Greg is a proven digital media General Manager. He has been building consumer digital media & internet ad technology businesses for over 20 years.

The Calltrunk company

Calltrunk is an independent, privately held company, headquartered in London with offices in Dallas, TX and Montreal, Canada.

The name and logo for Calltrunk are registered trademarks of Calltrunk Holdings Ltd.

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